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Feasibility Study

Prior to embarking on a project and committing full resources, a client needs certainty that the benefit of undertaking the project will outweigh the cost. The benefits are generally measured in monetary terms however this is not always the case as a project may have a strategic or social value. A feasibility study should identify the costs involved taking into account known risks and measure these against the client’s criteria.

The subject matter of feasibility studies include:

  • Assess the merits of refurbishment v rebuilding or relocation.
  • Comparison of relocation options.
  • Assess financial viability of a commercial development.
  • Assess viability of altering a scheme due to changing market conditions.

Feasibility studies can take many forms depending on the project being evaluated, and at Scott Murphy we understand that each exercise needs a bespoke solution. For example a typical development related feasibility study would cover the following topics:

  • Title, lease arrangements and legal restrictions
  • Site conditions, investigations and archaeology
  • Environmental, contamination, nuisance and acoustics
  • Neighbouring buildings and uses
  • Planning permission, development controls and objectives
  • Architectural design
  • Civil and structural design
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering services
  • Fire engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Building regulation compliance and social inclusion
  • Development (capital) cost
  • Agency review on occupancy, rental levels, service charge etc.
  • Projected Life cycle
  • Risk analysis
  • Return on investment modelling


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