Technical Expert

To meet the needs of lawyers, owners and occupiers involved in building and property related disputes, the Principals of Scott Murphy frequently work with the legal profession to assist in the resolution process. As Chartered Building Surveyors, we have a broad skill set which enables us to understand and appreciate the special requirements this often entails.
We offer the following Technical expert services:

  • Provide initial opinion on technical issues and strength of arguments
  • Advice on professional and technical matters
  • Preliminary advice in the selection of other experts and investigations
  • Advice on specialist tests and investigations
  • Arrange contractors assistance in opening up/invasive works
  • Preparation of detailed expert reports for use in court
  • Liaison with opposing expert

We appreciate that the appointment as a Technical expert is individual and personal, and that the experience and other essential qualities required will need to be carefully considered in each specific case. At Scott Murphy we posses the following credentials for Technical expert commissions:

  • Considerable professional expertise and specialist knowledge
  • Known and respected by industry peers
  • Thorough, confident but pragmatic and open-minded
  • Commercially aware and able to work to deadlines and within budgetary constraints
  • Experience in giving expert evidence
  • Experience in working with legal teams and are familiar with relevant protocols and procedures
  • Experience in the preparation of expert evidence
  • Aware of limitations
  • Ready access to information and research via own library and technical and specialist subscriptions


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